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The Permaculture Pioneers
“The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our gardens.
If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who
depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter“
(Bill Mollison).

Nächste Projektführung!


¡Repairing the Earth's Ecosystems Now!
Theory and praxis of  the creation of life-friendly and autonomous forest-gardens
Restoration depends on reawakening to our interdependence with the natural world.
To protect biological and cultural diversity, we need rapid and dramatic change. 

AUTarcaMatricultura - Permaculture Academy
Restoration Ecology , Barefoot-Project, Permaculture and Applied Agroecology, Holistic Landscape Healing
Regenerative Agroforestry, Syntropic Farming,  Ecosystem Restoration for Sustainable Development
AUTarcaMatricultura supports change makers and communities to design for a resilient future. 

La Palma - Canary Island - Spain

AUTarcaMatricultura - Permaculture Documentary

Permaculture Design Course (3th of March – 15th of March 2022)

Building resilience: Canarian Islands Transition Network Initiative

PPermaculture Design Course in AUTarca
“The prime Directive of Permaculture: The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for
your own existence and that of our children’s. Make it now.” (Bill Mollison)

“If you guys do it right, you’ll never need to do a design for anyone because everyone will be a designer.” (Bill Mollison)




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Tasks, objectives and realisation
visual language
core values
reclaim and uphold the inherent infinite social, emotional and spiritual intelligence
Basic research
patriarchal fission-patterns
Matricultura implemented in real life
Life-Biotope and analytical model
Analysis Autarca 2007-2010 and forecast 2013
Picture gallery of the Life-Biotope Autarca
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Autarca - Centre for ecological development
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Credits and Statements
"Autarca has provided the most enriching experience I can ever have imagined receiving on countless levels in my being! The whole place is a blessing for humanity and our planet, and I am leaving here with my heart full of inspiration.  Now I know what is possible, and how easy it actually is, I am excited to use this, share this and be part of the example we need to be to fulfil our duties at this time on earth."  Maria, England

"AUTarca is an outstanding example for the
Permaculture Movement!" Donald, Ireland

A true future..., I´m so inspired
!" Denise, Australia

La Palma's don't miss life-centred alternativ!" Linda, USA

 "AUTarcaMatricultura explores solutions to the global crises we face today – solutions any one of us can be part of – in order to live in a sustainable and regenerative way. From forest gardens to composting toilets, renewable energy self-sufficiency to ecosystem restoration,  AUTarcaMatricultura offers ways we can rethink our approach to how we live." Jeff, Canada

New: AUTarca creates first water retention landscape in bioconstruction of the Canary Island!!
Low Tech: Biogas (model ARTI) in AUTarcaMatricultura!!

Guided Tour:
On request
in English
11:00 - 14:30
Permaculture in Action:
Please announce in advance if you want a guided tour in English!!!

Phone: 922 49 02 15
mail: autarca (at) matricultura.org
Telegram:  634 359 123 

€35 (Kids 8-16, €15)
Picture Gallery AUTarca 2019

Permaculture Design Course:
  AUTarcaMatricultura - Permaculture Documentary
Permaculture activists take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and feelings by "understanding and copying nature" as well as "studying and imitating peaceful and egalitarian societies".

Matricultura© is an area of research for step-out-step-in-pioneers (Living the Change)

The step-out-pioneer recognizes the exponentially growing destruction of Mother Earth and the oppression of her creation as a consequence of the patriarchal-characterized world view and therefore she steps out deliberately. The step-out-pioneer says no to the chaos of war, economic and social injustice, atomic, genetically engineered and electromagnetic contamination, abuse and exploitation, logos-driven perception and ego-centred lifestyle.

The step-in-pioneer puts life in the centre of her work and her activities. She encourages vividness with heart and creativity, the joy and the health for all beings; she feels that she is part of the whole, part of Mother Earth. The step-in-pioneer walks the path towards life-centred livelihood focused on the origin, he creates powerful visions of a healthy Mother Earth and he assumes full responsibility for his actions. To become more uncompromising and more life loving there are changes to plan and to realize in all areas of life.

We all are in dependence with the existing systems that are based on a patriarchal world view. The successful step out is not to be forced overnight. The deeper we get involved with life and the more skilful we get of life-giving activity, the more sustainable we step out of consumerism, greed and exploitation. The step-out-pioneer knows that six thousand years of patriarchalisation of the human race leave their mark to the innermost mental, emotional and spiritual existence and to the base of cellular level, too. Vividness became divided, oppressed and buried. The step-in-pioneer liberates herself gradually from the patriarchal world view. She uses this new sense of liberty and spare time to build her Life-Biotope. The step-in-pioneer liberates gently the buried and frozen vividness in his nature. This gained freedom gives him ground, orientation, spontaneity, grace and the ability to empathic participation. In order to win back life, the step-in-pioneer works his outer as well as his inner world. The inner and the outer working levels fertilize each other mutually.  

Life-giving path towards life-centred livelihood as PDF-file

Poetry for Mother Earth
“The prime Directive of Permaculture: The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for your own existence and that of our children’s. Make it now.” Bill Mollison.

„Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”
Bill Mollison

“The prime Directive of Permaculture: The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for your own existence and that of our children’s. Make it now.” Bill Mollison.

“The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our gardens. If only 10% of us do this, there is enough for everyone. Hence the futility of revolutionaries who have no gardens, who depend on the very system they attack, and who produce words and bullets, not food and shelter “(Bill Mollison).

“Without trees, we cannot inhabit the earth“ (Bill Mollison).

“Animals are the messengers of the tree, and trees the garden of animals. Life depends upon life. All forces, all elements, all life forms are the biomass of the tree” (Bill Mollison).

“Within every problem lies the solution.” “The only limiting factor is information” (Bill Mollison).

“Trees are cool, they grow!” (Wangari Maathai).

“Nature is the best thing we have got, point to something other…we haven’t anything else, it hasn’t only survived, it has thrived“ (Geoff Lawton).

Barbara Graf, Ostara 2011, Translation from the German original: Lucienne Mueller, Chile

To Reconnect

I am shivering because of cold and fear; I seethe with anger, foam over in incomprehension, the heart swashes, the tears flow ceaselessly with the rain at the same time: The skies cry, the earth is livid with shock, in the depths of the caves, unending reverberation of the unspeakable.

The poison made by fissioned people, crawls without warning, fissions, destroys, slowly, steadily, suspends the wheel of time. The poison made by fissioned people enwraps the delusion of wealth, generates deformed figures, contaminates water, earth, fire, air and life.

Long since the beings of the air knew about it, the birds, bees and spiders, long since the beings of the earth knew about it, the worms, the snakes and rabbits, long since words failed the beings of the oceans, the dolphins, the turtles and octopuses.

Earth mother globe, big wonder of whom I am a child, I beg You: Forgive all my actions which I did and still do against you because of ignorance, arrogance or vanity; forgive me where I don't rebel because of laziness; forgive me where I participate in fissioning life because of cowardice.

Grand mother of all life and all souls, with your help I try to cement, sow together, create ground, for your beings, all my sisters and brothers, the birds, bees and spiders, the worms, snakes and rabbits, the whales, turtles and octopuses. 

Carrier of the holy cycles of life, I thank you, for the strength and the distinctness, to always find the sense again to counter steer: With firm paces my feet want to touch the stones; without blood on my hands the seeds shall be laid in the ground; my conversation with the trees shall be with a pure heart; a womb full with thankfulness and joy shall welcome your deliciousness; clear windows shall be my eyes for my children; who know the truth from my soul and straighten I shall my spine for a reconnection to the grand wonder of life.

Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth

Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth Video

Matricultura Autarca Tinizara - La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
centre of information, knowledge and practical realisation for a
life-centred livelihood and Earth healing initiatives:

Permaculture, ecological intelligence and integral architecture
Tiefenpermakultur, Öko-Architektur, Biol. Dynamischer Landbau, Umstellung von konventionellen auf biologischen Landbau, Waldgarten, no do Agrikultur, Hühnertraktor, poetische und sinfonische Agrikultur, Saatgut sammeln und tauschen, biol. Baumschule, Permakultur Beratung und Ausbildung, Biodiversität und Integration, Führungen, Autarkes Leben, Heilkräuter Anbau und Verarbeitung, solares Kochen und Backen, Wasserkreisläufe, Nährstoffkreisläufe, biologisch dynamische Bienenhaltung, Ziegen und Hühner Rotationssysteme, nicht patriarchale und nicht hierarchische Permakultur, matriarchale Permakultur Tiefenökonomie

deep ecology, the philosophy that asks to feel with others and think for yourself
das ökologische Selbst, der große Wandel, innere eigenleibliche Intelligenz, ökologische Intelligenz, Öko-Moral, die Erde als Liebhaberin, das Selbst ist die Welt, die Intelligenz von Mutter Erde, integral-analytische Körpertherapie nach CORE Energetik, Öko-Psychologie, Atemtherapie, Bioenergetik

research of vividness and the Integral Environmental Healing
Heilungsbiotop, Himmelsakupunktur, Öko-Schamanismus, homöopathische Präparate für die Landwirtschaft, Umwelt-Erdheilungsrituale, Integration der fünf Elemente Erde, Feuer, Wasser Luft und Lebensenegie

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Solaroven and -cooker Flyer PDF
Biogas in AUTarca
model ARTI
Academia Autónoma
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plan big scale
Super Compost Toilet
plan big scale
Black Carbon, TerraPreta
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